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X-Class from £387 per month

As the first ever pickup from a premium manufacturer, the X-Class is uniquely versatile. It can be used as a rugged, all-terrain pickup, but also as a vehicle for urban lifestyles and families. The X-Class pushes the boundaries of the classic pickup – offering comfort, design, safety and connectivity in addition to an impressive load capacity of over 1,000kg and a towing capability of up to 3,500kg. Load up your tools, machines, work materials – or your sports and leisure equipment. The choice is yours.

Your life, your X-Class

The X-Class offers a choice of three equipment lines – PURE, PROGRESSIVE and POWER. Designed to deliver varying degrees of functionality, comfort and style, you can choose the one that suits your lifestyle and requirements best. In addition, there are several rear-of-vehicle options to consider, depending on how you’ll use the vehicle most. Add to this a wide range of Genuine Accessories to select from, and you’ll really be able to stamp your individuality on the X-Class.

Parking package with 360° camera and PARKTRONIC

The optional Parking package comprehensively assists you when parking and manoeuvring thanks to its camera image with 360° view and PARKTRONIC. The 360° camera makes the area immediately surrounding the vehicle visible – both from a bird's-eye view and below the window line. The PARKTRONIC system visually and audibly warns of obstacles in front of the vehicle and behind, and thus helps prevents damage when parking and manoeuvring.

Connectivity with Mercedes me*

Whether out on the road, or at home, Mercedes me connects you with your X-Class. Your vehicle can share information about its location, status of components like coolant or brake linings as well as summoning emergency services in the event of an accident.

Mercedes me connect also helps you in the event that you need a service or maintenance carried out, or in the event of a breakdown – information can be shared with Service 24h our roadside recovery service, to ensure a fast and efficient vehicle repair.

  • Locate your parked X-Class.¹
  • Check your X-Class’s vehicle status anytime on your smartphone.¹
  • Mercedes-Benz emergency call system (eCall) automatically summons emergency services in the event of an 

our X-Classaccident.

  • Live traffic² Stop-and-go, traffic jams or flowing traffic is shown in the head unit of the X-Class, based on real-time information. Live Traffic Information intelligently determines the best route getting you to your destination as efficiently as possible.
  • Vehicle monitoring - Display of vehicle relevant data and condition based messages onboard, off board and remote tyre pressure, fuel level and other vehicle data can be checked via the Mercedes me app.
  • Vehicle tracker¹ – Enables tracking of a moving X-Class and the present position is shown on a map.
  • Geo fencing¹ - When you only want your vehicle to be used within a certain region, you can predefine an area and then check in the Mercedes me Portal or by email whether the vehicle has left or entered this area.
  • Mercedes-Benz Apps - Tune in internet radio, Weather updates and Navigation ‘Send-to-pickup’.
  • Maintenance management – your X-Class tells you when it needs a service or maintenance.
  • Accident recovery – In the event of an accident, we can assist you with advice and recovery to a Mercedes-Benz Authorised Workshop, on request.
  • Breakdown management¹ – shares data with your Mercedes-Benz Dealer to help keep your vehicle on the road.

[1] Available from approx. 03/2018

[2] Live Traffic must be activated in the Mercedes me portal and is only available where the vehicle is equipped with a Garmin® MAP PILOT or COMAND Online Navigation.

Stowage facilities

Stowage facilities within the X-Class have been designed to put everything you need within easy reach. Passengers can benefit from:

  • Lockable glove compartment
  • Cup holder in the centre console
  • Ashtray in the centre console (as part of the optional Smoker’s package)
  • Spectacles compartment in the overhead control panel
  • Stowage under the cover of the armrest with 12-V socket and USB interface
  • Compartments in the door trims – including space for 1.5-litre drinks bottle
  • Stowage net in the front passenger footwell (as standard for POWER line, optional for PROGRESSIVE line)
  • Ruffled pockets on the backrest of the driver and front passenger seats
  • Stowage under the rear bench seat


Power and efficiency.  Our choice of two high-torque 4-cylinder common rail turbo diesel engines impress with their superior performance characteristics and low fuel consumption. The X 250 d with 190hp uses twin-turbo technology for a greater level of in-gear performance, less turbo-lag and compelling fuel consumption. 

The PURE and PROGRESSIVE lines offer the possibility of two engines, the X 220 d MATIC (163hp) or X 250 d 4MATIC (190hp). 

The POWER line is only available with the X 250 d 4MATIC (190hp) engine.

*BUSINESS USERS ONLY. 48 month non maintained Contract Hire agreement. Initial rental £3,486.06 + VAT plus 47 months at £387.34+ VAT per month.  Mileage and damage charges apply. Based on a X- Class X250 d 4MATIC PROGRESSIVE.  10,000 miles per annum. Offer ends 31/12/18. Mercedes-Benz Finance.

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